Philosophy | Dedicated to set new benchmarks in business and politics. Reflective we are looking forward to a cohesive future, that belongs to those who want to shape it. Being aware of this vision is a responsibility. Therefore our results are equatable with trendsetting tendencies.


Operation | Efficiency is a blessing. Modern technology and traditional methods are combined to a symbiotic alliance. We uphold the idea of disruption to activate our creativity, but never will we fail to adjust the outcome to reality. A balance that serves our clients demand. 


Network | We appreciate our network. Therefore we take its maintenance very seriously. Considering our networking contacts as valuable partners, we are highlighting a regular exchange of visions and possibilities. 


Comprehensive | We are familiar with the word on the street and keep a strong eye on societal coherence. Cultural boarders do not exist for us. Our studio transcends the energy of futuristic minds, impactful ideas and social moods.

Playing Fields

Business Stakeholders | Creating sustained, profitable growth. Start-ups, Venture funds, university-carried business initiatives, family businesses, PE-investors, foreign corporate entities and other stakeholder trust our expertise to grow their projects.


Political Players | The political landscape is a crowded one. Parties, politicians, candidates, governments, international institutions, businesses, non-governmental organizations and other players requests our help in evolving their interests.


Business | Transforming businesses, new organization and operating models, venture creation.

Politics | Restructuring politics, policy development, political communication.

Merger | An authentic amalgamation between business and politics is our prior aim. Social balance, future realignment and profitability are our solid fundament in archieving persuasive solutions


Advocacy | Communicating in a bubble as a participant of society does not fit in this century. Our clients want to make sure that their messages penetrate the right target groups. We provide them with sweeping stakeholder analytics, strategies and a discrete execution.


Branding | No player has to be a backbencher anymore. Our clients consider themselves as confident enough to join the field. We provide them with fact based overview decks, creative rebranding plans and impactive project realizations. 


Campaign | Election Campaigns should not include boring posters of a laughing candidate. Our candidates and parties know that winning a vote needs more then that. We provide the whole range to dominate the toughest election campaign. 


Fundraising | Monetary difficulties should not stop an intrigued objective. Our clients want to focus on developing their idea, not on bureaucracy. We provide them with success promising approach, effective preparation and a range of funding pools.


Planning | In a time full of turmoil even a delay in planning can be hurtful. Our clients want to increase their chances in growing by having all necessary information. We provide them with realistic scenario plans, achievable agenda settings and restructuring propositions.


Strategy | No one likes to be chased by daily games. Our clients are aware that setting the agenda is crucial. We provide our clients with necessary rational analysis, profound reports and innovative solutions. 


Workshops | Aligning reality with the future and matching it with your potential. Our clients want to be ahead of the competition and are ready to invest in quality devising tools. We provide them with interactive workshops and inspirational keynotes.


Venture Creation | No one wants to waist money on ineffective innovations.  We provide our clients with fast tracked innovation by matching them with technologies, initiatives and investment opportunities that help them accelerate.